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  • Lately

    Things have been super quit around here for the past few months. In all honesty, I've had a hard time getting motivated and inspired. 

    My stepmom passed in a canoeing accident in April and its hit me a lot harder than I expected it to. Everything and nothing changed all at the same time. Through the depression, stress, and new responsiblities, I have lost my motivation to create. 

    But not my desire to be creative. I've found myself reverting back to creative exercises that I did in college. Like sketching everyday for at least 10 minutes. Or searching for new and different places to take my 4pm photo (instead of just shooting my desk). And I have a ton  of new project ideas that I want to try when I find the motivation.

    So, please, be patient. I'll be back soon. I just need a little time.