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  • Inspiration

    As part of me trying to get motivated to create again, I've been searching the internet for inspiration. I've slowly been filling my social media feeds on PinterestInstagram, and Twitter with accounts that I find inspiring. Here are a few of my favorites:

    • The Jealous Curator - This is by far my favorite thing ever. I've fallen in love with just about everything she's posted. Among my favorites are the airy abstract paintings of Lisa Madigan; the slightly out of focus photo-realistic paintings of Judith Eisler; the gorgeous contour drawings of Ashleigh Ninos; the colorful embroidery "paintings" of Stephanie K Clark; the blurry vintage-y photo paintings of Lisa Golightly; the chunky simplistic paintings of Laura Jones; and the wonderful line drawings of the 52 Week Deck collection by Kimberly Hall.

    • the gorgeous warm landscape photography of Sandra Lundin (@myatilio on Instagram). Not only is she in beautiful Sweden but she uses her phone exclusively.

    • the quirky and colorful illustrations of Jeff & Kit Turley (the Illustratus). They are a fairly recent discovery for me. I love they way they use textures and large blocks of color to convey the emotions of the piece.

    • the photography of Kevin Russ. To me, its the epitome of snapshot photography. He perfectly captures a moment in time with amazing composition and simplicity.

    • the design and illustrations in the game Two Dots. This game is not only highly addictive but its so gorgeous that you just want to stare at it.

    I could continue to go on and on. I've found so many awe-inspiring works of art that I could easily write a book. Which social media accounts do you find inspiring? I'm always in search of more ways to get inspired, so please send me link, ideas, whatever. Please, also, give me a follow if any of that meets your fancy.