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  • Sketching

    As I mentioned last week in this post, I've been sketching everyday for 10 minutes. Since college I have kept a sketchbook in my purse and in the past 6 years I've filled 2.5 of these lovely Moleskines. Some days, I just doodle but lately, I've been working on sketching from life.

    A big part of my inspiration for this has been the handful of "urban sketcher" accounts that I follow. From that, I stumbled upon "The Urban Sketcher: Techniques for Seeing and Drawing on Location" by Marco Taro Holmes.

    This book has been extremely helpful in reminding me of all of the basic skills I learned in high school and college but have forgotten now. Simple things like measuring with a pencil and checking angles.

    I have run into a very similar problem as I did with my 4pm Project photos. Since I typically draw during the last part of my lunch break, I'm starting to run out of things that are interesting to draw. Once the weather cools down (the heat index is 109°F today!) I'll venture outside to sketch.

    Until then, I'll be posting some of my sketches on Instagram. I look forward to seeing how I've improved over the next few months.