Random Projects
  • Doctor Who Tins

    I drink a lot of tea. Recently I purchased a Doctor Who fandom pack from Adagio to drink at work. Each of the ten teas comes in a really neat tin (these were designed by Cara M.). 

    I'm about halfway through my pack and I cannot figure out what to do with the tins.

    I was thinking about making them into sewing kits and listing them in my shop, but I'm not sure they would sell. Or maybe miniature watercolor kits.

    I guess I need to start looking at ideas on Pinterest.

    Do you have ideas? Please send them to me!

  • Mesh Stitch Washcloth

    I knit fairly often. My mission for the past year is to find the perfect washcloth pattern. After a lot of experimentation, I think I've finally found it. With a lot of the patterns that I tried, the end product was too dense for me. So I started looking at more "lacey" patterns.

    I found this mesh stitch pattern in a scarf that I knit my husband a few years ago and decided to try it as a washcloth. Its perfect. The mesh is small enough to hold to the soap but not so dense that it feels like it weighs 100lbs when wet.

    I use Sugar 'N Cream cotton yarn and size 7 (US) needles. If you use a yarn with color, wash in cold water before using. I've found that some of the colors run.

    *all rows start and end with Knit 4* {this creates a garter stitch border}
    Cast on 40 sts.

    Knit 4 rows

    Row 1: *YO, K2TOG* rep across row

    Row 2: Purl

    Row 3: *SKP, YO* rep across row

    Row 4: Purl

    Rep Rows 1-4 for 6" {or more depending on the size of cloth you want}

    Knit 4 Rows

    Bind off and weave in ends.

    I'd love to see any washcloths that you make with the pattern. Please send me a picture or tag them with #happycactusknits.

  • 4pm Project

    Those of you who follow me on Instagram have probably noticed that I take a photo every day at 4pm. Last week, I finally sat down and organized all of my 4pm photos and ordered a book. I've been asked to share my inspiration of this project, so here we go.

    Last January I was d̶a̶y̶d̶r̶e̶a̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ pondering how the light looks different at the same time through out the year. So I arbitrarily picked the time 4pm and started taking pictures. At first I attempted to get the same view every day (or something similar), but soon realized that I didn't want to have to plan my day so I would always be in the same place. The 4pm Project slowly evolved into taking a snap shot of whatever I was doing at 4pm. 

    I used Instagram as my main format for these pictures, though I do share it on my personal Twitter and Flickr. I created what I thought was an original hashtag to organize the photos, #4pmProject, but soon discovered that there are a couple of guys in the UK who were also doing it. I've enjoyed looking at their photos and kinda getting to know them. 

    My collection for 2014 doesn't have 365 pictures in it. There were days that I forgot and I began the project around January 5th. I'm being much more diligent this year. 

    You can see the entire collection on Flickr or by searching the hashtag #4pmProject on Instagram.

    One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to be more healthy, so I've been being much more conscientious about what I eat. But, like with any diet, I started craving sweets and melted cheese. Through an intense rationalization process, I decided that the best way to eat sweets was to make them myself (to avoid unneccessary chemicals and preservatives). So, Friday, I made Homemade Snickers bars. Oh. My. Word. They are sinfully delicous and fairly easy to make! Go make some! Your loved ones will love you for it!

  • Cross Stitch

    Last Saturday I did my last craft show of the year, the Madison Street Festival. It was an absolutely blast! I'm so grateful to everyone who has come out to see me this past year and helped my little business grow. Y'all really know how to make a girl feel special!

    I spent Sunday recoperating and surfing Etsy and Pinterest. I started noticing all of these super cute modern cross stitch patterns. I used to cross stitch all of them time. It was my first craft; my mom taught me when I was 6 and I've loved it ever since.

    I've made some things in the past few months, mainly Dr.Who bookmarks (pattern). One day I'll get the motivation up to finish this HUGE jungle cats piece I started when I was 19. I was originally making it for the boy I was dating at the time, but when we broke up, I lost all motivation.

    I feel in love with this design and will most likely start it this week. 

    Twin Peaks Cross Stitch Pattern

    You can get the pattern from Lady Beta's Etsy shop here. I'll be sure to post my progress on Instagram!