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    Picture is from The Water Project of one of their completed projects in Uganda

    A couple of years ago I became very angry about finding out that some company that I loved was donating money to projects and charities that went against what I believe in. And while I believe that everyone (companies included) have the right to spend their money however they wish, I also have the right to not support them. So I quit giving that company my business. 

    After a long discussion, my husband and I decided that we should start donating money once a month to causes that we wanted to support. Every month we set aside $50 (because it works with our budget) to donate to a cause of our choosing and we alternate who chooses the charity.

    My husband typically chooses more gobal causes like The Water Project whose mission is to build wells in Africa so that more communities can have clean water. They are an absolutely wonderful organization, in my opinion. And they send updates about where and how your money was used (the above picture is from one of the updates we received), which I absolutely love.

    I typically pick more local charities like Hope Place who provide shelter and accomidations to victims of abuse or sexual assualt, which is an issue that is very near and dear to me. 

    And, of course, twice a year we pledge to our local NPR station WLRH. Mainly because their fund-raising pitches finally wore me down. I listen to NPR most days while I'm at work so it seems justified to donate to them.

    Do you donate to charities? Which ones?