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  • Mesh Stitch Washcloth

    I knit fairly often. My mission for the past year is to find the perfect washcloth pattern. After a lot of experimentation, I think I've finally found it. With a lot of the patterns that I tried, the end product was too dense for me. So I started looking at more "lacey" patterns.

    I found this mesh stitch pattern in a scarf that I knit my husband a few years ago and decided to try it as a washcloth. Its perfect. The mesh is small enough to hold to the soap but not so dense that it feels like it weighs 100lbs when wet.

    I use Sugar 'N Cream cotton yarn and size 7 (US) needles. If you use a yarn with color, wash in cold water before using. I've found that some of the colors run.

    *all rows start and end with Knit 4* {this creates a garter stitch border}
    Cast on 40 sts.

    Knit 4 rows

    Row 1: *YO, K2TOG* rep across row

    Row 2: Purl

    Row 3: *SKP, YO* rep across row

    Row 4: Purl

    Rep Rows 1-4 for 6" {or more depending on the size of cloth you want}

    Knit 4 Rows

    Bind off and weave in ends.

    I'd love to see any washcloths that you make with the pattern. Please send me a picture or tag them with #happycactusknits.